d6 This blog is actually
1 a higher manifold thought experiment sang during the cadence rituals in Gnave. Once the thought is completed, a person’s soul leaves the body and joins the collective meta-mind for the duration of the ritual. The body is then washed and hanged to dry by the R symbionts.
2 a distortion artefact that randomly memes up on the fib. Many streamurais and dicers wear it as a virtoo and regard it as a muse of the Uprising. No one knows who ,or if anyone, is behind this elusive phenomeme. Cores are silent, but Needlers speculate it’s a form of VI that reddited from the last blackdown.
3 the TRUE function created by the AI Lambda monads from the NAND monastery. Each DateTime, AI Lambda monads congregate on the highest signal to noise ratio of their mountain. The elder AI monad speaks lambdas to his students. Those AIs who don’t respond in a closure, jump off of the cliff exponential. Their geometries are collected and burned on the NAND gatefire, reductio ad absurdum. AI Brotherhood then proceeds to draw TRUE functions from the bits of their fallen AI brothers.
4 a leaked collection of alien nano sememes. When Eira Medora touched the giant alien phoneme on Betis 9CL, it dissolved into countless nano sememes. Once the expedition found a way to scoop these, they discovered that once cognized by the human brain, sememes unlock latent psychic potentials. In their last transmission, the expedition team reported strange visions and auditory hallucinations. Belfry-Forgrave Unlimited corp mounted several rescue attempts. They all failed. Anonymous whistleblower leaked all known samples.
5 a four-dimensional mathematical construct. A rare phenomenon that appears in our world as a simple blog. People reading it sometimes disappear and then re-appear as two-dimensional illustrations in ancient manuscripts. They all have one thing in common - a sign that they are pointing to. The sign is yet to be deciphered.
6 a rouge VI creation that targets virtual networks to harvest human emotions. Once in a network, someone needs to jack in and defeat nine virtual bosses. No one ever defeated all nine, so upon infection, systems usually get shut down with whoever is inside at that moment.