There aren’t many Cypher blogs. Or we can’t find them. No idea why. Look at all these OSR folks, they have almost 300 blogs, it’s ridiculous! Each day a thought, an adventure idea, a monster. One would think they would run out of stuff to write by now. But they keep it up somehow.

Yes, we are jealous. Positively jealous. We also support some, because they are awesome. Definitely on a lookout for Cypher creators to support, we think it’s important. It is such an awesome community it’s time to grow it and we want to be a small part of that.

If you check the blog you will see we have a lot to say. Thoughts happen. Some of it will be bad, but we hope at least a few things will be good, be an inspiration to someone. We aim to ramp up from theory-crafting to adventure seeds, small scenarios, cool art and other useful and practical materials that anyone can use at their table.

Feel free to speak to us, mention us somewhere, do a social thing, that may or may not involve human thumbs or hearts. We will not judge.

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