Angel’s Citadel Joann & Josh write about all things Cypher. If I were to guess Josh is the Citadel and Joann is an Angel.

Ganza Gaming Apart from being a Cypher cult leader and a prolific Cypher creator, Chris writes on his Patreon, most of it free for reading.

Inspiration Strikes RPG blog by Marc Plourde, with lots and lots of Cypher content.

Mephit James’ Blog There is some Cypher stuff there.

James Ray writes about games, fiction, and the Cypher System.

Heart Conquers is developing a lucid sci-fi setting called “The Future”.


Cypher Unlimited Hey yo, it’s your boy Ancient Albatros again, with the usual suspects from the Cypher Unlimited crew.

GM Sprinkles Former DM and now a Cypher GM went from mastering dungeons to mastering Cypher games. This channel is his true story.

Weird Wild West Real Play TTRPG set in the American West in 1848, homebrew Cthulhu myths. Animated narration!

Forbidden Lands This Cypher System based show enters the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn, to follow a team of explorers traveling west across the post-apocalyptic US for answers. What will they do with the secrets uncovered?

Vurt Twitch Channel Ravendesk created Vurt so they can play games every day and call it “work”.

Infinite Horizon A sci-fi/supers RPG actual play show.


Amber Clave Join GM Megan and players Shaunna, Landan, and Aser as they explore the wonders to be found across the Ninth World, in a science fantasy setting full of sword-swinging action, nanotech-powered innovation and more psionic powers than you can shake a slug spitter at.

Explorers Wanted A weekly Numenera Actual Play podcast about exploration, intrigue, and friendship.

A Ninth World Journal An audio drama set one billion years in the future… the story of Januae, a man who randomly teleports to strange and dangerous places with no way of controlling it.

Quest Friends A podcast about friendship, family, and world-ending spiders, one billion years in the future.

Imprinted Echoes Join Zann, Kat, Brigid, and Chase as they dive into the mysterious world of Numenera and uncover the secrets of the city of Legam.

Tabletop Comics Tark’An is a Vralkan Warrior who Fuses Flesh And Steel. Meris is a Chaotic Explorer who Pilots Starcraft. Airheart is an Intelligent Adept who Controls Gravity. Together, they are the Vixens Of The Void.

Doors of Dunera In Karnan, magic is the current from which all life springs. Plants flourish all-round, trams run on etheric cables and boats sail verdant canals, beneath which lies even more city underwater. About half the population are magic-users, each with unique inanaquai partners—pure magic in animal shape.


Bruce Brenneise is the guy responsible for putting the landscapes of the Ninth World into your head, and then detonating them.

Chat & Discussion

Cypher Unlimited Discord Main place for hanging out with Cypher folks. 3K+ members. DO NOT ask how Edge works!

Numenera subreddit CW: strong opinions.

Cypher System subreddit CW: strong opinions but from fewer people.

Facebook group Cypher group for moms.

Cypher System Creator Highlights

Dread Unicorn Games are creators of The Sun Below series of adventures for the Numenera setting. A world below this one, a world with its own sun. Full of strange peoples, amazing discoveries, and unspeakable horror.

Ganza Gaming Chris is one of the most prolific content creators for the Cypher System with 20 or so titles. His Mortal Fantasy is a long-standing number one community supplement. I got to review his Changing Seasons adventure here and it’s really good.

Ethan Hudgens gobbed onto the Cypher scene out of nowhere with his fantastic Gobs of Gobs stories of adventure and friendship in a wholesome, goofy, and cartoony-logic setting. Play as Gobs! Try not to get into too much trouble! But then do anyways!

Dean Lewis is the author of Heroic Essentials and The Umbral Earth. Buy these two and run a supers horror game like Brightburn, Blade, or the upcoming movie The New Mutants.

Janek Sielicki published one supplement and two adventures: The Bridges we Burn and A Breath of Fresh Air which was a breath of fresh air at the time I reviewed it.

Peculiar Books has a range of adventures and supplements for the Cypher System, out of which Fantasy Ancestries and Modern Types are among top ten community titles.

Peter Clevvall is ready for the end of the world with his two post-apocalyptic titles Post-Apocalyptic Genre and Wasteland Crafting. A must buy for preppers.

Douglas Miller penned several supplements The Machine God’s Temple being the most popular. If your world has machines, gods, and temples, this Cypher adventure is a perfect fit.

Michael Rees published a time-traveling adventure Sea of Time before anyone realized we need one. I wonder how he did it.

Taylor LaBresh authored an adventure called Creatures of Blood and Flesh. I didn’t read it, but I will take a plunge here and call it a post-Cthulu science fiction because it sounds amazing.

Mephit James’ Cybernetics and Martial Arts supplements are a perfect bundle for that cyber ninja fantasy you never got to play out.

Tom Robinson offers a wide range of adventures from historical Treasure of Rio Grande to goofy supers title Invader From The Dark Dimension and gothic horror The Haunting of Creedmore Asylum. Now that’s what I call a thematic spread.

Stephen Seibert likes bugs. Huge mutant alien bugs. And also cultists. In Bug Hunt: The Children of Argent you get to squash some. Not sure if as children.

Aser Tolentino’s A Cold and Distant Hunger brings sci-fi horror close and hot, title is a lie, just sayin’.

Johnathan Wright invites us to become a fearless mecha pilot in his anime-inspired Mecha vs Kaiju: Cypher System