How and When to Tell Difficulty Levels

When and how to announce difficulty levels (abbreviated to “DC” for the rest of this article) to players is a common question on forums, as it’s one of those things left open in the core books.

Meaningful Choices

You come across two paths that you can take to reach your destination. One is well-trodden but longer, the second is shorter but unknown.

Skill Challenges the Cypher Way

Skill challenges are a great little technique for recreating movie-like epic scenes in your game. Imagine submarine combat, the Kessel run, or games like FTL, where each crew member needs to scramble to do their own part in order for...

Easing & Hindering

Changing task difficulty in a Cypher game can be done by both the players and the GM. It’s a central part of the system, but there’s still some confusion about it. Hopefully this post will clear things up a bit....