Up the Ante!

A player just came up with an awesome, over the top, OP move! Instead of ramping up the DC, here is a better way to handle it.

Finer Points on Numenera Destiny Crafting

The crafting mechanic that came with the Numenera Destiny book is a great addition to the Cypher System, but a bit tricky to grok on first reading. Read on, I’ve got you covered.

Cypher System Gm Intrusions

The GM intrusion is my favorite Cypher System mechanic. In this post, I try to go beyond the basics and offer a few advanced tips.

Maintenance Rolls

My players have an airship and one of them, a Wright, is a designated mechanic. I found that the ship’s weekly depletion roll is not quite…adequate. Let’s try to hack the rules!

Combat Maneuvers

How many times have you heard “You need a feat for that” as a response to your idea for an awesome move? Today we discuss how to empower players that come up with creative ideas.

Traverse the Worlds

My Numenera Nano player was super excited about his future Tier 6 Type ability Traverse the Worlds. It is in fact so powerful that he had some reservations on how I would handle it as a GM.