Take the Cypher Pill

Cypher is a relatively new system, and many come to it with their own prior “system baggage.” Take the Cypher pill with me and experience the paradigm shift, while we explore the world of Ptolus.

Cypher System Weapons

Out of the box, Cypher comes with super simple weapon rules. Three categories (light, medium, and heavy) that do 2, 4, and 6 damage, respectively. Let’s get hacking and create some fantastic new weapons.

Cypher System Wizards

A GM friend I’ve mentioned a few times in my articles is stuck somewhere between Pathfinder and the Cypher System (“CypherFinder,” he calls it). His problem is that he wants to continue running his games in a Golarion setting with...

Traverse the Worlds

My Numenera Nano player was super excited about his future Tier 6 Type ability Traverse the Worlds. It is in fact so powerful that he had some reservations on how I would handle it as a GM.