Cypher System Weapons

Out of the box, Cypher comes with super simple weapon rules. Three categories (light, medium, and heavy) that do 2, 4, and 6 damage, respectively. Let’s get hacking and create some fantastic new weapons.

Changing Seasons Review

Changing Seasons is a robust dark coffee shot that was not filtered well. You will get a good kick, but it might leave a few grains in your teeth.

Numenera Explorer's Keys Review

In 2015, MCG released Weird Discoveries penned by Monte Cook. It contained ten short adventures in a new inventive format called “Instant Adventures”. This new format allowed GMs to run any of the ten scenarios with minimal preparation.The book was...

Cypher System Wizards

A GM friend I’ve mentioned a few times in my articles is stuck somewhere between Pathfinder and the Cypher System (“CypherFinder,” he calls it). His problem is that he wants to continue running his games in a Golarion setting with...