In the Weird Discoveries adventure “Natural and Unnatural” there is a lone Aeon Priest named Kuipania, who happens to be a tattoo master.

In a rare moment of artistic brilliance, I pulled out 2 XP and presented my player with the following GM intrusion:

You now have a magical tattoo that always shows the face of the person who loves you the most.

The table erupted and no one was interested in a +1 Armor tattoo anymore.

Unfortunately for me, my rare moment of artistic brilliance passed and I was out of ideas. I felt terrible for disappointing my players, so I promised I would come up with more cool tattoos before the next session that they would be able to pick from.

I’m not sure if I rose to the challenge, but I came up with the following table.

d12 Weird Kuipania Tattoos
1 Face of the person who loves you the most
2 Face of the person who hates you the most
3 Tomorrow’s weather
4 Last thing someone said about you behind your back
5 Your eventual epitaph
6 Face of your unborn child which ages in real time
7 Last lie someone told you
8 3 words that are really important to say at some point in the next 28 hours
9 A shin showing the side on which it will land next time you flip it
10 A rumor
11 Names of all who are looking at you at the moment
12 Daily fact from the Datasphere

Any weird tattoo ideas? Share them below in the comment section.