Priests of the Aeons is a highly anticipated Numenera book about to be released. We put our robes and silly hats on and look at the preview. Spoilers ahoy!

UPDATE: The book is now released. This review is based on a free preview that is available for download.

Table of Contents

Calaval’s Parable looks like a new lore piece. I welcome this. I want to know more about Calaval and his grandniece Doroa of the Silent Song.

In Part 1, apart from new descriptors, foci, and equipment, there is one interesting entry on Character Aspects. I wonder if this is something new or just an introduction chapter rehashing character concepts?

Part 2 deals with Numenera devices, cyphers, and artifacts. Part 3 is all about Aeon Priesthood, Part 4 contains 2 adventures and several adventure seeds, and finally, Part 5 lists creatures and NPCs.

191 pages thick with new material, this is shaping up to be a worthy supplement. I already like it.

Introduction: The Stewards of Truth

This section mostly describes their goal of not tearing down GM’s sand castles, trying to dig into the details, and still make room for GMs to do their own thing with the Order. This is in line with general MCG concept of leaving space in their games for creative GMs, reaffirming they are staying true to that design principle.

Chapter 7: Artifacts

We are presented with Focusing Suits, craftable artifacts rewarded by Aeon Priests. The suits augment character Focus powers depending on their level. Really cool idea and a great motivation for players to work for the Order.

Chapter 10 & Chapter 11

Just a small glimpse on beliefs system and a list of things characters might do once they join the Order.

It seems the Order needs some guinea pigs for testing new equipment and other dangerous endeavors, which reminds me of the Wasteland Survival Guide mission from Fallout 3. These tests look really fun, for example:

Be a test subject for an experimental substance…

I can already smell the hilarity :>

Chapter 15: Adventures Overview

Listed are 7 adventure seeds and they follow the theme of things going horribly wrong, with PCs tasked to investigate and sort out the mess. I personally like this comedic aspect to the Order. I didn’t expect it, but it sounds really fun and engaging.

Two adventures are Into the Amber Monolith and Cerulean Hate.

Into the Amber Monolith is a rescue mission that has characters breaking into the most famous Ninth World monolith, which still seems to be unreachable from back when Calaval found a way to enter. Using THE legendary symbol of the Ninth World for an adventure location is a bold move, but I think it’s the perfect time to uncover it’s secrets. This better be mind-blowing Sean!

Cerulean Hate deals with a telepathic god from a prior world that wakes up and starts wreaking chaos. I am getting a feeling that Aeon priests cause more trouble than they solve.

Finally, on the last page, we see an Aeon Journeyman NPC with some interesting modifications. Apart from the regular ones, they also have one specialization based on their training focus. This is a great idea and can be expanded on to other organization NPCs.


With almost 200 pages, not only is this book full of new content but judging from the preview, it is fun, bold (^^) and engaging.

It seems to me that Sean crafted a magnificent supplement well worth a buy. You can order it at MCG web-store or DrivethruRPG